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Tips on How to Choose a Photo Booth Company for Your Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. You start to plan, and plan some more. All of the major items are taken care of; the venue, the dress, the menu, the flowers. Then the smaller items start to take shape. Looking at your budget you say "I think we have room for a photo booth." You go on The Knot or another website and search for photo booth rentals. Boom! There are like 40 of what? How do you decide on which one to go with? Is there really a difference between all of these companies? The answer is yes! I was a bride once, who had a photo booth at her wedding, and now I run a photo booth business. So, I have some questions to consider when hiring a photo booth for your big day.


After all of the major details of the wedding have been taken care of, you probably have a price in mind. There are many companies that give you a price, but then all of the cool features and additions you fell in love with, end up raising the price to more than you thought it was going to be. I always liked the all-inclusive pricing and knowing the cost upfront; instead of getting excited to have something like a scrapbook, and realizing it was going to cost an extra $75.


Let's face it ,you are probably not going to be the one in the photo booth. Hopefully you can make it in there at least one time! But, the photo booth is really for the entertainment of your guests and to give them another option rather than dance or talk to people they don't know. The question is, "What are they going to walk away with?" Does everyone in the photo get a print, or are they limited to just 2 copies? Can your guests get a digital copy? People love to personalize their photos with props. The photo booth should have a variety of props so that every age group can find something that makes them laugh.


The photo booth should be customized to fit your wedding style. You should be able to choose the backdrop and color scheme of your photos. Many clients choose to have the prints to be a memento that their guests walk away with. The prints should be able to be designed with your names and style. Not to bash the photo booth company that I hired from my wedding, but our names or "logo" look like something you can get airbrushed on a shirt. I think with modern technology, they could have been better.


I feel like customer service is going down hill everywhere these days, so I feel like this is an important one. The photo booth company you hire should be responsive and helpful. They are the professionals in the wedding industry, so they should be helpful when you ask questions or ask for advice. They should definitely communicate promptly. Also keep in mind, they will most likely be interacting with your guests. The last thing that you want is someone who is a jerk

. If you don't get a good vibe from the person you are talking to, remember....there were like 40 more of them out there...right?

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