Corporate Events & Fundraisers

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A Unique Product for Your Business

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Corporate

       Our Mirror Booth is is a unique digital and photo generating product. Beyond the awesome user experience, it enables companies to capture data and drive engagement with their user base. Not only does the Mirror print photos, but it can send them digitally via text and email.

        We can increase brand awareness through customizing many aspects of our Mirror with your brand including the start screen, backdrop, and a booth wrap. We also feature eye catching photo strips with logos or branding of your choice. 

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Fundraising & Special Events

        The Mirror Booth is perfect for entertaining your guests and adding that "wow" factor to your event. With its elegant design and eye catching animations, it is sure to be a memorable experience for your guests. The Mirror can print photos and can also text message pictures to your guests. Digital props are also available. It is also a great avenue to get your brand our cause out there. We customize the print templates and start screen to match your event. 



Magic Mirror Photo Booth Corporate

Customize your prints with your logo or sponsor!

photo booth fundraiser
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Corporate
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Corporate