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A Wedding Photo Booth...A "Must-Have" or ah... "Maybe Not?"

Some brides book us months, and sometimes a year out from their weddings. Realistically, most brides book a photo booth on the tail end of the planning process. Today I'm going to tackle the value of a photo booth for those brides on the fence.

In an age when everyone has a phone that can take pictures, what's the big deal of having a photo booth?

- Of course people can take photos from their phones... But, there is something about another camera taking the photo, WITHOUT a delete button. The photo booth captures the moment, unedited, and raw.

Doesn't a photo booth sound kind of old school?

-Perhaps it is old school, but today's photo booths have features that didn't exist 50 years, or even 5 years ago. Did you know that most booths today have the capability for social sharing? Both of our photo booths have the ability to text pictures to users phones. Our Mirror Booth has even more capabilities, like creating GIFS.

Doesn't a photo booth at a wedding seem tacky?

-Although the wedding is all about you, the true way people rate how great a wedding is, is based on THEIR experience. It is your wedding day, and you ARE the guest of honor. But, you are throwing the party, and they are the guests you invited. They won't remember your decor, the songs you chose, or your bridal party dresses, or shoes. They will remember the food they ate, the temperature, the music, and how much fun they had. People love to get their photos taken, and they love photo booths. The bonus is giving them a picture to take with them when they leave.

Do I get my money's worth renting a photo booth?

-Renting a photo booth can easily be three elements of your wedding. Entertainment is the obvious one. If you have a photo booth at your reception, you will have a line of people eager to get in, probably the whole night. Guest favors is the second element. Photo strips of your guests having fun, with your wedding names and style on them is way better than matches, glasses, or candy. The third is a guest book. Brides have been steering away from traditional guest books, and moving to guests writing messages on little hearts that go in frames, or writing on picture frames. That's a cute idea, but I'd rather look at the scrapbook of all of my friends and family having fun at my wedding, and reading the messages they wrote to me in there. It is a little more informal and personal.

photo booth scrapbook
A snapshot from my wedding photo booth scrapbook circa 2012

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