We are Central Indiana's premier photo booth company dedicated to making your event a fun and unique experience. We also specialize in using our Mirror as a marketing platform for businesses, non profit organizations, and special events.

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Magic Mirror Photo Booth
Magic Mirror Photo Booth
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Magic Mirror Photo Booth

We have two awesome photo booths to choose from

Classic Photo Booth

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Our Classic photo booth is enclosed and intimate. It is what most people view as a photo booth, but it is not an old school photo booth! Our photo booth contains the latest technology and photography equipment. Guests are prompted through the photo booth experience through a touch screen, where they can see themselves and the countdown begins. Our photo booth has the ability to print in 30 seconds and prints amazing 2 x 6 prints. Users of the photo booth can also choose to have their pictures sent digitally through text messaging.  

Mirror Photo Booth


            Our Mirror Photo Booth, sometimes called "The Magic Mirror," is the modern twist of the photo booth. It is a full-length two-way mirror. While your guests are checking out how they look in the mirror with their props, the camera on the other side is focused and ready to take their photos. The animated start screen on the Mirror Photo Booth can be customized to the style of your event. Touch the screen to begin a session, and fun animations appear and guide you through the session. The Mirror Photo Booth can be customized to include retakes, the number of photos on a print, GIFs, and more. At the end of the session guests can decide how many prints they want and have the option to have photos digitally sent to their phones via text. The Mirror Photo Booth will allure your guests and perfect addition to any occasion.  

Customized to Your Event

We customize everything about our photo booths to compliment your event. We offer a variety of backdrops, and frames for the Mirror Booth.  Start screens, animations, and print templates all are designed and fashioned with your style in mind.

mirror photo booth
Magic Mirror Photo Booth
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Magic Mirror Photo Booth